What is a Mala for? Wondering what the ancient necklace does!

Shivjyoti Puri | 03 August, 2018

            What is a Mala for? Wondering what the ancient necklace does!

A Rudraksha Mala is typically used for Japa (Mantra) Meditation and is worn as a blessing, protection and harmonising force for the wearer. Mala’s made with different crystals act as an energetic shield for the aura and provide a positive vibration helping the wearer move beyond limitations and reach their highest potential in life. 

Shivoham malas are rare creations of intuitive design and insight, designed by Shivjyoti; a yogi with the wish that everyone wear Rudraksha and attain peace. They have been made to harmonise and harness the energy of the crystals to effect the emotions and thoughts of the wearer in an extremely positive way. They assist in shifting through limiting beliefs, behaviours and patterns. A Shivoham Mala is blessed to support spiritual awareness and development, most who wear them comment on how they rarely it off again. Through different pieces you begin to ‘feel’ the variations in energy of each piece and by doing so connect to mother earth, nature and oneself.  

Shivoham respects the ancient and mystical seed Rudraksha as part of Shiva and symbol of pure consciousness, which helps to transcend the mundane and experience the divine. Intuitively combined with different high vibrational crystalsthese pieces remind us of the spiritual path and how we can be of service through live, fulfilling our purpose. 

A Shivoham mala is a gentle, consistent reminder of our spiritual path and our connection to source. The significance of 108 is also fascinating to learn about and reflect upon each time you wear your mala and start your day with purpose. 

Wearing a mala daily indicates mastering your destiny. 


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