Effects of the Full Moon

Shivjyoti Puri | 27 June, 2018

            Effects of the Full Moon

The moon, after all is a satellite for the planet and makes its regular rounds. Probably you have experienced that if someone is mentally disturbed then it is more so on a full moon or new moon day. It is also the busiest nights in hospitals, especially if the full moon falls on the weekend. It's not that moon itself instigates madness, it’s just that when the moon takes certain positions it heightens whatever you are. If you are loving you become more loving. If you are joyful you become more joyful. If you are blissful you become much more blissful. If you are little insane you become much more insane. If you are meditative you become far more meditative. It just enhances everything that you are. 

So, these days important to consciously create the right kind of quality in you that you want. On the full moon day you should consciously create a certain quality in you so that by evening that quality is enhanced and you maintain that for the whole month. 

The moon enhances whatever you are. You know, even the ocean is effected by the moon cycle, the whole ocean is trying to rise. When the whole ocean is trying to rise, then imagine the potential for rise in your own being, if you are willing to make use of it.

There are many ways to look at this… One thing is, the cycles of the moon and the cycles within a feminine body are very directly connected. The very fundamentals of your reproductive nature - that means the very fundamentals of our birth – is connected to the cycles of the moon. Our very life is connected to the moon and our health to the nourishment given by the moon into the vegetation. Research has revealed that plants grow the best around the full moon.

We are intrinsically linked to the moon whether we are conscious of it or not, just by becoming conscious we can effect our lives in a much more positive way. Being aware of the Full Moon for more meditative practices ensures we lift our consciousness above the mundane worries of life and experience a state of positive health and wellbeing that is likely to persist a whole month.

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