Spiritual Mentoring with Shivjyoti

Spiritual Mentoring with Shivjyoti is an intentional relationship focused on supporting your journey and life purpose. It is for those seeking tailored actions to support the spiritual path and integration with life. 

Understanding yourself is life changing and awakening, effecting us each in unique ways. It's beneficial to receive guidance and support from a mentor, someone who has walked the path, has experiences with the challenges and understands the triumphs of continuing with the inner journey, leading to ultimate satisfaction and contentment in life. 

Drawing upon years of dedication and service with two decades of experience teaching self-awareness programs and traditional Yoga teacher training Shivjyoti is committed to the re-birth of your authentic self. Her goal is to empower you in using your gifts to benefit yourself and the world. 

Traditional Spiritual teaching are accessible and meant to be lived in everyday life. An appointment series helps you develop rituals that support you throughout life and establish an evolving personal practice. 

For further enquiries and to book; email:

Each series is a 5 session plan, in person or via zoom with a catch up call on weeks between, run over 10 weeks it is a commitment to your ongoing inner and spiritual development.