What's a Shivoham Mala?

Shivjyoti Puri | 26 September, 2019

            What's a Shivoham Mala?


Inspired many times to share the sacred Rudraksha seed for its amazing ability to draw the soul forward on their spiritual journey. It was with the intention that everyone could comfortable wear Rudraksha, that I begun making 108 bead malas with crystals. The journey evolved into what now, is the rarest crystals and rudraksha combinations, that are unique, meaningful and have a palpable effect on the wearers emotions and spiritual path. 

Seeing the same people each week gave me the chance to observe the huge changes that were taking place in the lives of those wearing the malas. It has astounded me many times, that these living energies have had such a profound energetic impact in supporting people to be themselves. I have seen many start to live up to their calling and give the world what they are here to share. It’s a huge blessing to co-create through divine inspiration, these combinations and to offer people support, protection and clarity on their path forward. I have grown immensely through sharing this gift and deepened my reverence for the support available when we are ready to receive it. I believe we are here to share our unique talents and grow into the realisation that we are so much more! The crystals and especially Rudraksha are living energies of the divine for me. I was struck with connection and cannot be without the Rudraksha and I’ve experienced constant protection and realisations as my destiny unfolds. I know I am on the right path, and supporting others to find and stay on theirs is what I am here to share.


Where do they come from?

The Rudraksha seeds grow in a certain region of the Himalayas and there are traditional families, throughout several generations who have harvested them, taking it as their sacred duty. Nowadays the seeds also grow in Indonesia and are popular, but they are most powerful when sourced from Nepal, India. Said to have grown from the tears of Shiva, these trees, bearing the Rudraksha seed are the only material thing given to mankind from Shiva to connect immediately with the Omniscient power and protective grace, that is pure consciousness, or Shiva. This is the energy, Yogis believe which draws us to liberation and so the Rudraksha seed is an essential adornment to those who comprehend its significance. 


What Materials are in a Mala?

We are extremely lucky to have access to some of the rarest and highest grade crystalsthrough our experts and gemologist’s scrutiny. We are able to stand by the purity, and thus vibration of our work. The larger and specialty Rudraksha beads are sourced from Nepal, and we use silk and sterling silver or gold finishes. Our expert silk knotting takes decades to perfect and ensures the beads are held close together, enabling use for japameditation and enduring daily wear. 


Why these materials?

The Rudraksha seed is an extremely sacred and revered adornment for those seeking self-realisation. It’s so sacred, that’s it’s one of a few possessions deemed essential by sages and yogis. It’s often given as gift by Masters to their devotees. Anyone who wears Rudraksha will progress on their spiritual path and be inclined towards meditation and self-study. 


How do you create them?

Each Mala comes to me in its time and each has its own destiny. Those who need it will find it, they are always called and whether they accept it or not is up to them. I am not able, though I’ve attempted many times, to sit down and put meaningful crystals and colours together to make something wonderful; it doesn’t work. Each begins with a need ed purpose, a reason for being and then inspiration and connection flows through my hands and puts the different pieces together. 

Often I’ll have a vision of it first, sometimes I hear or just know which crystals should be used and find out later how they look together. Exactly how each one comes to life is still a mystery for me, but I cherish it and love that I’ve been chosen to take part.


How they work:

The Shivoham mala works in two ways, one is connected to the things, events, people and words that always get at our weakest point, pulling us back, time and again and not allowing us the chance to fully focus on developing our talents. We all have weaknesses and it’s exactly this point where we’re always accosted by the outer world, if we identify, often with some help what our weakness is, we are able to protect ourselves from it, work through it, and rather than be chained by it we transform. This was done in past times by retreating away from society in esteemed company. In these times, we must more often that not do the inner work while ‘being in the world’, I’m sure you’ll agree. The crystal and rudraksha combinations secondly enhance our energy connected to our purpose and help us to realise our goals. These effects have been well received by thousands wearing a Shivoham mala thanks to the grace and blessing of SHIVA.




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