Rudraksha Pendants

Rudraksha is the Seed of Consciousness, connected to Lord Shiva it carries the vibration of Source. The wearer will experience protection and progress on the spiritual path. 

All Rudraksha Pendants are from Nepal in the Himalayas, they are Authentic, powerfully blessed and deeply honoured seeds. Through our devotion we are fortunate to develop the family relationships that allow us to share them with you. 

  • Custom made in 18k Gold or hand woven red thread.¬†
  • Regularly source all mukhis for our clients.¬†
  • Blessed through Rudra Abhishek in Haridwar,
  • Activated and ready to wear for your life blessing. ¬†
  • Contact for a consultation to select the right Rudraksha seeds for your soul journey.¬†