The concept for combining Rudraksha and crystals for Shivjyoti's Yoga and Meditation students was officially born at the Kumbha Mela in Haridwar in 2010. It was at the following Kumbha Mela in Allahabad 2013 where the first designs were conceived - with one intention: that everyone should comfortably wear the sacred Rudraksha seed and benefit from it's spiritual potential.

Shivjyoti, founder and designer of each mala, had experienced since 2003 the profound energy and deep connection of Rudraksha, having received one from her Spiritual Preceptor, to use for daily meditation. Subsequently inspired to find a way everyone could experience the empowerment and protection of wearing these sacred and mystical beads she has gradually created what you see today, always encouraged and blessed by her spiritual master.

"I initially brought many Rudraksha malas home each year from India for my Yoga and meditation students, throughout those years, from 2003 I realised the great variety in quality and authenticity, observing the effects on my students. It became increasingly important for me to find a trusted and reliable source, which I am fortunate to have today. A family of three generations who harvest, select and personally select each rudraksha". 

The word Shivoham came like lightning in the process of formalising the initial website, a platform to share these mala creations and rudraksha seeds beyond the spiritual centres and Yoga studios they had become part of. Shivoham means merging into the stream of consciousness. 

In the spirit of serving the unique unfoldment of every individual in divine life, each mala creation is unique. Inspired, guided and channeled by presence, each piece is the embodiment of divine energy and charged with blessing for it's wearers dharma path and self-realisation. They are 108 bead garlands for energy transformation, protection, meditation, contemplation and meant to be worn always.  

Utilising the finest rare crystals, our gemologist sources AAA Grade or higher gems from ethical mines around the world, our Gemologist Gitu has them cut to different size and design for each mala. Our premium rudraksha pendants are Nepal origin, blessed and consecrated in Ganga at Har Ki Pauri (City of the Gods). In the Japa malas we use premium Indonesian beads due to their smaller size and usability in meditation. Every piece is blessed through ancient ceremony, love, respect and care, to carry their potent spiritual vibration and support for your spiritual development. We love our work and respect you, so you'll receive only the finest from us. 

Our quality and designs bring you in alignment with who you truly are.

Our entire team and network revere these beads and work with devotion. In Australia we co-ordinate with highly respected craftsmen and are part of a large family business run for generations. Part of our family focus on the Rudraksha specialties while others concentrate on the quality of crystals and gemstones ensuring only the best are used, others carve our pendants and statues. At Shivoham we take enormous pride in passing on the finest quality Mala Beads in the world to you. Our work embodies devotion, love and sadhana.

We love the feedback we receive every day about the effects our malas are having, it's always a joy to hear about the power, benefits and blessings you experience and create through you life. Every Shivoham mala is special and unique, from our heart to yours and we honour the blessing to share with you. 

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