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Was born at the Kumbha Mela in Allahabad 2013, with one wish, that everyone should have the chance to wear Rudraksha. Shivjyoti, the founder, had experienced a deep connection with the energies of Rudraksha seeds and was inspired to find the way everyone could feel the empowerment of wearing at least one of these mystical beads.   

The word Shivoham, she said came like lightning many years later in the process of formalising this website, a platform to share the creations beyond the spiritual centres and Yoga ashrams they had become part of. Shivoham means merging into the stream of consciousness. 

It's in the spirit of serving everyones unique unfoldment into Divine Life that Shivjyoti creates each mala. They are 108 bead garlands for meditation, contemplation and energy transformation, with accompanying bracelets, they are meant to be worn always and forever.  

Utilising the finest rare crystals and rudraksha seeds our malas, blessed through ancient ceremony carry a potent spiritual vibration that supports your spiritual development.

Each design comes forth through the creator, not from the creator. And it's our desire they bring you ain alignment with who you truly are. 

Our suppliers, like us revere the beads, are highly respected and have run a large family business for generations. Part of the family focuses on the Rudraksha specialties while others concentrate on the sourcing of fine rare crystals, others make our speciality cases and carved pendants. We take pride and care in each part of the process from concept to posting to you. 

We love the feedback we receive every day about the effects our malas are having in your life, it's always a blessing to hear about the power, benefits and blessings you experience. Every Shivoham mala and it's components are hand made with reverence, from our heart to yours and we honour the blessing to share with you. 

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Power of Rudraksha

by Shivjyoti Puri | 18 June, 2020

There is no other spiritual emblem as closely associated with the path of Yoga and the goal of enlightenment as the Rudraksha mala or prayer beads / rosary. Rudraksha is synonymous with Lord Shiva, the liberator who removes the negative influences from our life.

Personal Practice

by Shivjyoti Puri | 24 March, 2020

This world is always subject to change. It's very nature is impermanence. Those who rely on the external are feeling the pangs of uncertainty and fear. So what should we do?

Your Altar

by Shivjyoti Puri | 23 February, 2020

Having an altar in your home is a significant way to remind yourself of the ever present possibility of grace and harmony to flow through your life. Its' a reminder to pause, be thankful, and sit with gratitude for all that is.