83 Ludstone St, Hampton, Melbourne AU

Mala Beads

Blessed and consecrated, authentic spiritual adornments channeled for your soul purpose by Shivjyoti, a monk (sannyasin) from her connection to source. When your looking for the finest quality crystal and rudraksha mala beads, made in the authentic way you've found the right place; we create with the highest quality materials, making harmonious energetic adornments for your spiritual awakening:

  • Blessed with sacred ceremony, mantra and prayer by Saints
  • Authentic rudraksha 'pure-consciousness' beads in every¬†Mala¬†
  • We source AAA-grade crystals and gemstones, cut by our team¬†
  • Ethically dedicated practices from start to finish, we honour & revere our Earth¬†
  • Finished with 18k Gold and Sterling Silver rhodium polished
  • 108 Pearl Knotted beads, hand made tassel and Guru bead, made repeating mantra¬†
  • Use for meditation, intention, embodying your life purpose and creating positive energy around you.
  • Offering powerful protection and mystical connection to source.¬†