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Mala Beads

Blessed and consecrated, authentic spiritual adornments channeled for your soul purpose by Shivjyoti. When your looking for the finest quality crystal and rudraksha mala beads you're in the right place; at Shivoham we create from the highest quality materials and make harmonious adornments for your spiritual growth:

  • Blessed in sacred ceremony with mantra and prayer 
  • Authentic rudraksha beads combined in every Mala 
  • Sourced AAA-grade crystals and gemstones, cut by us only for our pieces
  • Ethical practices from start to finish, we honour our Earth 
  • Each finished with 925 sterling silver rhodium polish or 18k gold charms
  • Hand-knotted with mantra; 108 beads, plus the Guru bead and tassel or pendant 
  • Used for meditation, intention setting, embodying life purpose, positive energy, protection and peace love and connection to source.