Byron Bay, Australia

Shivoham Gallery Melbourne is closing! Sadly the landlord wants the building back ....

Our sanctuary was a special home for many years and we invested all we had into it. A cocoon of calm for those seeking inner peace, it was with heartache we learnt this home could no longer be ours. Sustained by love and dedication to the spiritual path, Shivoham is online, till the right place presents. 

Shivoham means We are One in Pure Consciousness

Shivoham Gallery and Studio opened in 2018 by Shivjyoti, with the Malas available online since 2013. Born through an inner calling to provide an environment where all can connect to their their path of spiritual union. Shivoham offers ancient tools and teachings for your life and daily spiritual practices.


"From the moment I enter I start healing".Margie Fry 

"The studio and teachings have such a beautiful energy, it is truly a connected haven of loving kindness." - Anita C. 

"A sacred space." - Kaleo North 

"Peace, calm and connection is what I experience at Shivoham." -Lynn A