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With the finest quality, rare materials we showcase intuitive designs by Shivjyoti. Each 108 beadMala is created with AAA Grade or higher crystals and gemstones, we use the powerful Himalayan rudraksha in all malas and many creatively intensive processes are involved. Your invited to book a consultation during the hours below and experience the personalised care we are known for.

Monday to Saturday 10am - 4pm email in advance to reserve your time

Embody your Highest Calling

We are honoured to support you in creating the life of your highest calling; through the vibration and energy in each Mala and Spiritual Mentoring with Shivjyoti.

E-mail to Inquire & Book:

Support to select your Mala

If you’d like to take the step an own a mala from Shivoham for your spiritual Sadhana and growth and would like some guidance; send us an email to addressed to Shivjyoti, answering these questions; 

How to Define Your Soul’s Purpose?

Your purpose is to learn, grow and become one with all. The reason for being here on earth becomes clear as you follow intuitive guidance and choose to learn from your experiences.

Power of Rudraksha

There is no other spiritual emblem as closely associated with the path of Yoga and the goal of enlightenment as the Rudraksha mala or prayer beads / rosary. Rudraksha is synonymous with Lord Shiva, the liberator who removes the negative influences from our life.

Personal Practice

This world is always subject to change. It's very nature is impermanence. Those who rely on the external are feeling the pangs of uncertainty and fear. So what should we do?
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