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View the finest quality, intuitively designed Mala Beads by Shivjyoti. We source and create with valuable and rare crystals, Himalayan rudraksha and hand carved pendants to bring you unique offerings of spiritual devotion. Your invited to book a consultation or visit to experience the personalised care we are known for.

Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm

Mantra Meditation Workshop

Throughout guided practices and key information you'll learn how to develop concentration, clarity and equanimity, supporting spiritual awareness and with regular, ongoing daily practice you'll harness the power beyond your mind and experience peace that is your birthright. 

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Full moon

FULL MOON Meditation at Shivoham

We meditate together at the time of Full Moon moon to receive clarity for the path ahead and fresh energy to greatly assist spiritual development. Revered as the most opportune time to establish oneself in meditation this full moon gathering is a boon. 

With Shivjyoti 

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Our Gift to You

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Embodying Awakening

We are honoured to be part of your journey in sharing life practices and blessed malas.

Need help selecting a Mala?

If you’d like to take the step an own a mala from Shivoham for your spiritual Sadhana and growth and would like some guidance; send us an email to addressed to Shivjyoti, answering these questions; 

How to Define Your Soul’s Purpose?

Life has a much greater meaning when you use what you learn and grow in your state of consciousness. Your spiritual evolution is what really matters in the big picture. Your state of consciousness is what you take with you when you leave the planet and return to the universe, Source, God, the All…

Power of Rudraksha

There is no other spiritual emblem as closely associated with the path of Yoga and the goal of enlightenment as the Rudraksha mala or prayer beads / rosary. Rudraksha is synonymous with Lord Shiva, the liberator who removes the negative influences from our life.

Personal Practice

This world is always subject to change. It's very nature is impermanence. Those who rely on the external are feeling the pangs of uncertainty and fear. So what should we do?
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