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Welcome to Shivoham, we offer a wide range of high vibrational Mala Beads with Rudraksha, that help deepen your meditation practice and enhance spiritual development. Connecting you with inner wisdom.

SHIVOHAM Mala's; made to Support your Soul Purpose!

108 crystal and rudraksha bead designs, powerfully blessed to support you..

Combining sacred Himalayan rudraksha for its powerful energetic connection to Shiva consciousness and AAA+ grade crystal gemstones for various vibrational benefits, Shivjyoti channels the combinations to enhance your spiritual vibration.

Designed to support your spiritual awakening, each Mala offers strong protection and promotes a positive magnetic aura around you, helping you attract support for your life purpose.

SHOP for lasting transformation. 

Made with the finest quality, ethically sourced materials

Every piece is designed to inspire peace, harmony, and connection. Carefully crafted with channelled energy, devotion and attention to detail, making each Shivoham Mala a truly unique and special piece.

Mala Beads for MEDITATION: Rudraksha Malas

Best for Mantra & ProtectionPure Rudraksha is rare, known as the seed of consciousness, it offers protection, imbibes harmony and greatly enhances spiritual development.

Shivoham's japa meditation malas, yoga prayer beads, rudraksha bracelets and beautiful pendants are high quality authentic Nepal and Java (smaller) Blessed seeds. Used by Yogi's globally.

We share expert guidance to help you select th emost appropriate Rudraksha for you.

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SHIVOHAM's Flagship Gallery in Melbourne

Discover perfect alignment with an exceptional energy adornment for your soul purpose.

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Experience professional and knowledgeable care in a warm, welcoming environment. Discover Meditation Malas, Rudraksha and Crystals; plus how to use them.

Feel the right energy, support your life path and gain spiritual clarity.

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Crystal Bracelets by Shivoham, AAA grade

Crystal Bracelets

Shivoham brings you the finest crystal and rudraksha bracelets. Blending tradition with beauty for truly transformational pieces to awaken awareness and life purpose.

We source rare AAA Grade crystals and the sacred Himalayan rudraksha to ensure pure magic with our earths healing power. Ethical and sustainable practices govern everything we do.

Each piece is unique and aligns with your highest intention to awaken more positivity and direction in your life.

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