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Rudraksha Mala Bead Bracelets & Pendants

Shivoham creates mala bracelets and pendants with the highest quality authentic Rudraksha seeds from Nepal in the Himalayas, and is the only place in Australia you can come to see, feel and experience the different mukhi's from 1-12 and select an appropriate mala.

Discover different pendants, mala prayer beads/ Buddhist beads and mala bracelets or have one customised. We guarantee the quality and authenticity, it's the foundation seed of all our offerings.

All Shivoham Malas offer protection against negative energy and are your lifelong companion on the spiritual journey.

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Shivoham Studio & Gallery is Australia's destination for the finest mala beads/ Buddhist beads and sacred adornments. Open during the week 10am - 4pm and Saturday's by appointment. 

Experience the full range of unique, purpose-made malas and receive support to discover the right one for you. Learn about the mystical properties of Rudraksha and their benefits along the spiritual path.

e-mail: for enquiries.

Open Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm. Phone Appointments only during Covid. 

83 Ludstone Street, Hampton Melbourne | 03 9598 1809

Offering Healing, Protection and Spirituality

Shivoham Mala Beads are based on ancient garlands, made and blessed through authentic ceremony to embody your soul connection to source. 

For meditation a mala of 108 beads is held in the right hand and with eyes closed a mantra is repeated mentally while the beads are turned, one after another.

A Mala Necklace is like a rosary for the Hindu and Buddhist tradition and is used in prayer, meditation and to protect. It's meant to support spiritual development and, worn around the neck imbibes the energy of its components to the wearer, promoting contemplation of life's aim. 

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