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Experience the energy and support of traditional tools for your path, and gain clarity with alignment, to awaken more energy. Each Shivoham adornment is designed for your soul purpose.

From Shivoham you'll receive the finest Rudraksha, gemstone and crystal jewellery. We are dedicated to pure energy, supporting your spiritual wellbeing.

Made with the finest quality, personally sourced ethical Gemstones & Rudraksha

Every piece is designed to inspire peace, harmony, and connection. Carefully crafted in a state of channelled energy, Shivjyoti imbibes devotion to source and attention to detail, making each Shivoham Mala a truly unique and specially consecrated piece.

Rudraksha for MEDITATION

Best for Mantra & ProtectionPure Rudraksha is rare, known as the seed of consciousness, it offers protection, imbibes harmony and greatly enhances spiritual development.

Shivoham's japa meditation malas, yoga prayer beads, rudraksha bracelets and beautiful pendants are high quality authentic Nepal and Java (smaller) Blessed seeds. Used by Yogi's globally.

We share expert guidance to help you select th emost appropriate Rudraksha for you.

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SHIVOHAM Mala Beads Bless and support your soul

Combining sacred Himalayan rudraksha for its powerful energetic connection to Shiva consciousness and AAA+ grade crystal gemstones for various vibrational benefits into 108 bead combinations, enhancing your positive vibration.

Support spiritual awakening, attain protection and enhance your aura, helping to attract the support and strength to follow your own path.

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Crystal Bracelets

Bringing you spectacular crystal and rRudraksha bracelets, blending tradition with beauty! Creating Transformational pieces to awaken awareness and life purpose.

All Rare AAA Grade crystals, and Rudraksha enable pure magic. Harness our earths healing and awakening power.

Ethical and sustainable practices direct from mines around the world, through our processes to you.

Align with your intention, awake positivity and follow your dreams

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We bring, to spiritual souls, beauty and high vibrations. Discover your unique crystal, gemstone & rudraksha combination to support your soul purpose.

About our founder 

Initiated into monkshood in 2012 after 10 years of selfless service and ashram life, based upon the principle of renunciation Shivjyoti has dedicated her life to the spiritual path since her late teenage years, finding her way with the love  of great mystics in India. Over these decades of teaching yoga and meditation and bringing Rudraksha Malas home for friends and clients, she later would combine them with crystals for anyone to wear, having experienced and seen the great power of rudraksha and crystals in her clients lives.

Shivjyoti had a coveted role as personal assistant to her Spiritual Guru and, in 2016 was brought to the realisation that it was time to step into her own power, hold her own and share from personal experience; a path of inner peace and spiritual awakening. 

She wants to make the spiritual path clearer and full of honour for you, by creating these beautiful garlands, having them blessed and consecrated, with meaning, for your spiritual awakening path. We believe they will serve your highest intention, help you follow your path, and honour your calling; bringing you closer to personal truth, fulfilment and inner freedom. 

Thank you for being part of the journey with us. 

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Taking Mala Beads to the World

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Aparigraha: To let go and let flow

How are you practising Aparigraha or the concept of "letting go" of that which does not serve you in your day to day? By being conscious of it as a principle of behaviour regularly can be the trigger to a more accepting and less resistant outlook on everything. Which in turn, through awareness of our actions and thoughts can make for a much more peaceful transition through situations out of our control that unfold.

Shivoham Jewellery : Unique, soul-awakening pieces to treasure forever.

A reminder to not get lost in the many sales and factory produced items of our fast fashion world. Perhaps taking time to consider a more sustainable and heartfelt purchase, created by the hands of their designer at their source, rather than sprouting from the cogs of a machine.

The Mobile Altar

Travel can be exhilarating and unsettling all at once. Maintaining a meditation and/or yoga practice can help enhance the experience and calm the nervous system in a sometimes overstimulating new environment. While you might not be able to take all your favourite pieces from your Altar back home, a mobile collection of your essentials can help give your on-the-go meditation spot a familiar sense of 'home', making it easier to hone into a place of calm presence from which to connect to your practice in whichever way works for you.

What are Mala Beads used for?

The mala beads serve as a reminder of one's spiritual practices and can be a powerful tool for connecting with the divine.
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