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Custom made for your Soul Purpose. Combining sacred Himalayan rudraksha - the seed of consciousness with AAA+ grade crystals.

Providing a powerful shield of energy and high vibrations for lasting transformation.

Revered as tools for enlightenment, Shivjyoti has created pieces to support your awakning and union with your soul purpose. Supporting your unfoldment.

Yoga Mala Beads
Mala bead

Rudraksha Mala Beads for Meditation & Protection

Shivoham's Japa meditation malas, yoga prayer beads, rudraksha bracelets and pendants are made with the highest quality authentic Rudraksha seeds.

We are the only place in Australia to stock an extensive range for you to experience the fine quality of pure rudraksha. With many different Mukhi's (faces) we also hand make a pendant range in 18k Gold.

With thousands of customers from across Australia and globally, Shivoham is always blessed to share the blessing of authentic rudraksha with you.

Rudraksha is known as the seed of consciousness and offers protection, the vibration of harmony and supports spiritual development.

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Our Creative Space & Gallery Melbourne

Discover the perfect alignment of exceptional energy adornments for your soul purpose, email to book an appointment.

Experience professional care and expert knowledge in a warm, welcoming environment, we are located in the Bayside area of Melbourne. Discover our processes, how to use your mala for meditation and find the perfect pieces for your spiritual path, to support your highest potential.

With a love affair of our earth we ensure the connections we make in sourcing our precious gems, crystals and rudraksha are careful and honoured, ensuring sustainability and the highest ethics.

83 Ludstone St, Hampton, Melbourne. Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 4pm By Appointment

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Crystal Bracelets by Shivoham, AAA grade

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Shivoham brings you the finest crystal and rudraksha bracelets. Blending tradition with the modern life for truly transformational pieces to awaken awareness and life purpose.

We source rare crystals and the sacred Himalayan rudraksha to ensure pure magic and our earths healing power.

Each piece is unique and aligns with intention for a more positive life.

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Shivoham Mala Gallery, part of Melbourne Design Week

Melbourne Design Week is the largest, International design event here in Australia. Shivoham is delighted to be chosen to take part. Join us to celebrate the impact creative design can have on the world and learn about our processes and materials. Shivoham Gallery will be open Thursday the 17th March - Sunday the 27th March. 

Caring for my Mala

Your mala is a reflection of you, as you work through your journey and purification you’ll continually charge your mala and its energy will also help you heal and fulfil your dharma (purpose).

Choosing the Right Mala

A Shivoham for your spiritual Sadhana and soul purpose. 

How do I know my Purpose

Your purpose is to learn, grow and become one with all. The reason for being here on earth becomes clear as you follow intuitive guidance and choose to learn from your experiences.

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