Byron Bay, Australia

Mens Mala Bead Necklaces

Blessed and consecrated, authentic spiritual adornments for your Souls Purpose.If you are looking for the finest mala beads for sale, you have come to the right place. You will find the best quality healing crystals and prayer beads in Australia.

The meditation and mindfulness technique with malas can help ease your soul and mind. You can wear the mala beads as a necklace or reminder to stay in the moment and embody compassion, love, and peace. Buy prayer beads to supplement your daily practice and spiritual journey in a more embodied way. The 108 mala beads aren't only for experienced yogis and spiritual leaders, they help everyone advance their spiritual health. 

Shivoham offers the highest quality mala beads in Australia and the world. Created and blessed for your spiritual connection, transcendence and mastery of your highest destiny. Each unique mala combination has been channeled through Shivjyoti as pure energy for soul support. Shivoham Malas offer high energetic and blessed support, helping you awaken your gifts and bestowing immense energetic protection.

We source AAA Grade crystals and gemstones that we cut to our specifications and combine them with authentic Rudraksha seeds in every Mala. Our processes are ethically sustained, assuring you the most authentic mala beads in Australia, and the world. Finished with sterling silver and 18k Gold charms, hand-knotted with 108 beads plus a Guru bead and finished with a tassel or pendant, each piece is your initiation.