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Womens Malas

Shivoham Malas Are Made To Support Your Path Of Purpose

Wearing A Mala Indicates Your The Master Of Your Destiny

Malas Are 108 Beads Plus The Guru Bead, They Harness Universal Energy To Bring The Vibrations Of Harmony, Happiness And Spiritual Development To Your Life.

Each Mala Is Designed By Shivjyoti And Is A Unique Energetic Combination Embodying Awakening Into Soul Purpose And Personal Power.

Aaa Grade, Highest Quality Crystals, Rare Authentic Rudraksha And Specialty Made Silver Or Gold Plated Additions, Finished With Silk Tassel Or Pendant. 

Each Mala Has Been Blessed Through Ancient Eceremony And Is Activated For You To Wear Right Away.

'I AM' Universal Light | St Germain Mala $269.00 AUD
Abundant Destiny | Following your Purpose Mala $249.00 AUD
AGE OF AQUARIUS Charoite Mala $179.00 AUD
AMBA Durga Divine Mother Mala with Sri Yantra $280.00 AUD
APSARA Heavenly Angel Mala $109.00 AUD $139.00 AUD
ARJUNA Warrior Mala $139.00 AUD
BALANCE Mala $98.00 AUD $139.00 AUD
CHANDRA Rainbow Moonstone Mala $189.00 AUD
Crown CHAKRA 'Golden' Mala $259.00 AUD
DARSHAN Labradoite 'Visionary' Mala $189.00 AUD
DHARMA DEVI Destiny Mala with Ganesha Rudraksha $290.00 AUD
DIKSHA Re-Birth Onyx Mala $119.00 AUD
DRISTI Lapis Lazuli 'Clarity' Mala $129.00 AUD $149.00 AUD
EMPRESS ANANDA Divine Bliss Mala $370.00 AUD
GAIA Earth Goddess Mala $98.00 AUD $149.00 AUD
GAURI SHANKAR Perfect Union Mala $560.00 AUD
Gift Voucher from $50.00 AUD
HEALING Chrysocolla Mala $169.00 AUD
ICCHA Power of Purpose Mala Sold Out
JAYA Destiny Apatite Mala $129.00 AUD $169.00 AUD
LILA Playful Spirituality Mala $129.00 AUD $229.00 AUD
MEERA BAI Mala Beads $179.00 AUD
MEERA Spiritual Prosperity from the Heart $139.00 AUD $159.00 AUD
PRAN ANANDA Breathing into Bliss Rhodochrosite Mala $179.00 AUD $280.00 AUD
RUDRAKSHA BHUMI Earths Grace Japa Mala $59.00 AUD
RUDRAKSHA MOKSHA Sacred Japa Mala $89.00 AUD
Rudraksha NEELKANTHA Shiva Purifies Mantra Mala $79.00 AUD $99.00 AUD
SANTOSH Contentment Mala $179.00 AUD $280.00 AUD
SAURYA Courage to Accept Loving Abundance $179.00 AUD
SAVITRI Sunshine of your Heart Mala $109.00 AUD $129.00 AUD
SHIVSHAKTI Oneness Mala $109.00 AUD $129.00 AUD
SIDDHI Powerful Awakening Mala | Rare Kyanite $260.00 AUD
SRI YANTRA Divine Mother Mala | with hand engraved 3D Shri Devi from $219.00 AUD