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How can a Mala and Crystals Influence Me?

Shivjyoti Puri | 06 May, 2018

            How can a Mala and Crystals Influence Me?

Like all things, mala beads with Rudraksha seeds and crystals carry a vibration. The different vibrations we have all around us effect us in different ways, we’ve been able to measure these vibrations and frequencies using modern equipment and can now scientifically say these seeds and crystals effect the environment around them, in particular whatever they touch and have a prolonged connection to. 

We are constantly surrounded by objects, people and environments that emit different vibrations, and not all are positive. Plants, animals our friends and objects in our home all carry their own frequency which effects us in different ways. The purpose of a mala which embodies a powerful and positive vibration is to create harmony. This energy thus supports us in maintaining our inner peace and alignment with a spiritual way of life. The mala is a remedy, it aligns us through the various crystal combinations and Rudraksha seeds so that we are connected to our spiritual purpose. The power of a blessed mala is that while we pursue our material aims we never depart from our spiritual purpose. “Spiritual life and material life are like two wings of the bird that help our soul soar towards Divinity”.

Not only are malas significant in themselves, all Shivoham malas have been blessed and activated through mantra and prayer, indicating they are more effective in aligning you with your purpose.

We do spiritual sadhana, meditation and receive blessings to elevate our consciousness to an extent that nothing, for us, is negative. The mala is meant to carry the blessing from the beginning of creation or source so that we align our energy with that! Interestingly Rudraksha has been honoured by holy people to store the vibration of consciousness.

When you receive a mala with gratitude, understanding what it means and it’s purpose, it is a deeply significant moment. An enlightened person may not need these tools, the rest of us though who live in the world and face a daily plethora of external energies need support. We all know the power of positive company and of being with the right people, we may convince ourselves otherwise but we inevitably become like the company we keep. 

If your choice is to life positively, harmoniously and spiritually then everything you surround yourself with plays a vital role. It is wise to select carefully and use the aid of blessing, mantra, prayer and meditation if you want to progress on the spiritual path. A mala is a natural component you would observe any holy person wear. 

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