Mala Beads Necklace With Tassel

Shivoham offers an extensive collection of prayer bead necklaces with a tassel adorned with authentic crystals and stones to enhance mindfulness, meditation, and prayers.

Mala beads with a tassel establishes an energy cocoon that offers protection from the negative energy around you. These mala tassel necklaces are often used in mantra chanting and meditation, which form a connection between your spirit and the universe.

The tassel prayer beads can absorb the negative vibrations and establishes a positive energy flow all through your body. Our collection of Rudraksha crystal mala tassel necklaces is made with high-quality beads, crystals, and thread to offer you the right support and energy throughout your prayer or meditation. The correct prayer bead necklace with tassel can offer a magnitude of benefits, including:
  • Improving spiritual growth and ensuring mental clarity
  • Alleviating physical issues and lifestyle problems
  • Decreases daily anxiety and stress
  • Enhances the intentions and improves energy
  • Attains a higher emotional balance
  • Provides mental awareness and clarity
These hand-strung necklaces are more than just a style statement; they serve as a tool to establish and maintain a spiritual connection. Browse through our collection and find the perfect Buddha tassel necklace that works for you. Every necklace uses AAA-grade crystals and the highest quality mala beads