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Crystal & Rudraksha Mala Bead Necklaces with Tassel

Blessed and consecrated, authentic spiritual adornments for your Soul Purpose.Shivoham offers an extensive collection of traditional prayer bead / mala necklaces with a tassel. Adorn these authentic, energised malas and experience the effect of high vibrational, rare crystal combinations with Shiva's rudraksha; enhancing your energy and life purpose.
  • The tassel malas release negative energy
  • Each 108 bead mala creates a cocoon of energy and protection
  • Blessed through ancient ceremony and then consecrated 
  • Enhances mindfulness, meditation and prayers
  • Use for spiritual awareness, mantra japa and meditation
  • Supports clarity
  • The high energy and blessing enhances intuition 
  • Ease into your highest expression  
  • Constant reminder of your purpose