What is a Mala?

Malas are Spiritual, Sacred & Healing Necklaces of 108 beads.
Supportive and Protective through transformation


 woman kneeling in sand spiritually

The History of Malas

Malas have been used for a very long time in all religions as transcendental catalysts and to assist the connection with primordial universal energy. They often have 108 beads and offer us support in a multitude of ways. Shivoham Malas are designed in harmonious and healing combinations with specific characteristics to embody creative potential and enhance the spiritual vibrations of awakening around you. Malas (spiritual necklaces) are traditionally supportive for the spiritual life and offer a shield against negativity. 

For many of us, we simply hold in faith the significance, power and age old use of mala beads and recognise them as holding something incredibly remarkable. It’s only later and through wearing them that we discover that these beads are truly unique and extraordinary to the wearer. For others, perhaps less exposed to India, meditation and the masters who use and preach about them it’s more of an unfamiliar territory and one filled perhaps with more suspicion than fact.

Like most things spiritual and metaphysical we need a certain amount of belief and trust to even open our mind and heart to the experience of wanting to wear a mala. And since it does take a certain level of focus, feeling and awareness to actually feel what they do, it’s perhaps not for some time after even purchasing one that we learn to feel the power of it.

Why is Rudraksha important?

RUDRAKSHA, the seed contained in all our malas is ancient and mystical, it's used by sages and yogis to create a cocoon of positive energy around the body, acting as a shield against negative forces and a powerful conductor of the spiritual process, storing as it were the positive effects of every meditation. It harmonises the environment and balances the bodies biorhythms. The beads, being strung together in a mala; 108 beads plus Guru bead symbolises your inner reality and is meant to awaken the potential of realisation within you.

The Rudraksa seeds themselves are deeply spiritual beads to Yogis, Saints and wise men throughout India, Nepal and Indonesia. These vast countries have seen countless sages throughout time and very often after their passing it’s these beads which are left behind in the care of those whom they pass on their spiritual legacy. If non-one succeeds them they are often left on the altar, in temples, museums or a place of significance. It is believed that these beads hold the power of connecting our consciousness back to it’s source, and when we use them with respect, for meditation and prayer we easily reach the state of ‘Shiva Consciousness’ or Release from worldly ‘drama’ and it’s associated problems. In essence we can experience freedom on a daily basis through the help of Rudraksha.

Shivoham Malas have been used as transcendental catalysts and to assist the connection with primordial universal energy. They support us in overcoming self-doubt and personal insecurities in becoming the person we are meant to be. The blessing given to Shivjyoti by her Master to create these pieces is that everyone may benefit from wearing a mala wherever life may take them.  

The Rudraksha itself is believed to have been formed through the flow of Shiva’s (Universal Light, Truth and Beauty) tears that were shed in compassion for mankind, hence they take us back to That, which is Pure Awareness. Consciousness

All Shivoham Malas are authentic, genuine & high vibrational jewellery. They are hand knotted, blessed and honoured pieces of spiritual jewellery.   


It is a common belief that a blessed mala holds the power of returning our mind to pure consciousness. And just like Rosary Beads are used for Prayer and Meditative awareness. 


How to meditate with Mala Beads

For meditation a mala of 108 beads is held in the right hand and with eyes closed a mantra is repeated mentally while the beads are turned, one after another, (here's how to use them)holding one for as long as it takes to repeat the mantra. This is said to take one deeply inward, beyond the 'noise' of the mind and the 'distraction' of the senses. 

During Prayer the beads are often held between the palms to promote the flow of energy into them, and thus render the Mala necklace more powerful and healing. In some cases a mala is used to bless others, merely by it's touch, and is often given by a spiritual master to a student. It's the tradition in India that when taking initiation from a Guru, he / she will empower the mala and place it around the disciples neck, it henceforth becomes the daily aid for meditation.

Very often the Mala Beads of a holy person become a heirloom and remain in a sanctified place of worship in their honour, or are buried with them. In a family the mala beads have been known to remain for generations in the care of the elders. It is believed Rudraksha are powerful seeds, used to warn off any kind of negative energy and protect the family while creating an ambience of harmony in the home. 

Traditionally a mala was also made of Sandalwood, Tulsi, or Pure Clear Quartz, in most cases it was very simple. Now we can find a variety of beautiful combinations that provide support and benefit for our modern daily life and the stresses we encounter. For a Yoga practitioner Rudraksha and Clear Quartz are the most valuable, known to enhance and support Spiritual development. Pearl and coral are also considered very important.

If you are unsure which mala to choose, and you are practicing meditation we recommend beginning with a Meditation Mala, if you have a specific purpose for wearing a mala and would like help selecting the right one contact us or you may request a custom piece just for you.