Mala repairs within the first three months are complimentary, please contact us and send any images to;

Throughout the remainder of your mala's life (as long as yours) we charge a minimal amount to cover the costs and of the repair when required. Though it does take time your mala will be blessed and consecrated again, we ask for your patience with the process.

Most breaks within the first year happen when your mala gets caught, children or animals find it appealing (more common than you may believe or notice) or it gets wet. Taking care of you Mala as an honoured item and re-threading every few years is a wonderful way to enhance its energy. 

Email in advance so we can assist with the steps, let you know the timeframe and suggest the best way to send it. Include your contact details and name of the person who placed the order with the package. 

A Mala break can be a sad moment, it symbolises new beginnings, release or fulfilment of intentions and acts as a reminder to set a new spiritual intention. If you don't like the idea of your mala breaking (we don't) keep an eye on the thread between the beads, when it frays it's time to have it repaired. Remember even when the the thread does need to be changed your Mala will, and is meant to last a lifetime. Our AAA Grade crystals are something you'll want to hang onto, along with the sacred Rudraksha seeds, they're often passed down through generations.   

Bracelet repairs are also taken care of with ease, email us with images, and let us know how many beads you have (sometimes they roll away).

Please use tracking and enclose a repair request with the information discussed on email, include your contact information, original order number and a return bag for complimentary repairs.

Please note we will only repair Shivoham Malas and Bracelets.