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Shivjyoti Puri | 23 February, 2020 | 1 Comment

            Your Altar

Having an altar in your home is a significant way to remind yourself of the ever present possibility of grace and harmony to flow through your life. Its' a reminder to pause, be thankful, and sit with gratitude for all that is. Our altars shouldn't be tucked away but rather on display, they should reflect truly reflect your heart's longing.

An altar is a place to keep meticulously clean and install pieces of great significance to you, symbols that reflect divinity and completion. Imagine things that lift you above your daily worries and remind you of eternal truths that bring peace, these are things you place on your altar. 

A candle you light in the morning and evening is a symbol of eternal light, within your heart and in the universe, you may like to have some incense or oils like frankincense and sandalwood that both cleanse and calm the senses. Making it a ritual to light these you may then like to say a mantra or personal prayer for inner and outer peace, inner and outer harmony, inner and outer realisation. Some words of spiritual inspiration have a profound effect on the consciousness.

Perform this daily, even if only a short ritual, it will put a wonderful atmosphere in the space and will bless your home, others will feel the change in atmosphere and feel peace too. its a beautiful gift you can share with other without words.

Ideas to start your altar:

Flowers or a small pretty plant like an orchard, some beautiful crystals that represent love and light and a nice mat for your malas' and other sacred objects you carry with you. 

Traditionally an altar is a symbol of divinity. A reminder of eternal Truth and a place by which to rest and sit in meditation to feel beyond the mind.  

Keeping a light on the altar, like a selenite or zakay crystal lamp is also a lovely addition. We'd love you to share your sacred space and share the inspiration, perhaps even your travel altar - more on that next time, tag @shivohamyogamalas with your altar pic and malas' 

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06 June, 2020

claudia genesin

Thank you for this very beautiful and timely reminder Shivjyoti. I think of my space as my very own little patch of peace where I can centre myself. I am very gratefuI that I have my cushion and mat, ( and a chair if my back or knee is a bit sensitive), plants, crystals, a small Lapis Buddha and Ganesh, Tibetan singing bowls, my malas, candles, oils’ etc. Things that take me out of my head and into my heart, that bring me joy and put a smile on my face. But an altar or ‘space’ might be as simple as a cushion at the end of the bed and a flower from the garden. Whatever works for you.

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