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Time for Spiritual Practice

This world is always subject to change. It's very nature is impermanence. Those who rely on the external are now feeling the pangs of loss, defeat, uncertainty and fear. So what should we do? The very first thing is to create a space and set a time where you sit and can focus on the internal, unchanging, eternal nature of yourself. Security will come from there, irrespective of external circumstances. Sit every day, morning and evening, perform Japa (mantra; Om So Ham)meditation and unite in the light of consciousness. It will bring you infinite peace and the ability to stay clam amidst the changes in your life. 

It's said the greatest pollution in the world is mental pollution, because what you think in reality is already done! Such is the power of thought. As our thoughts contribute to the unrest we feel in the world, so our thoughts can contribute to harmony, peace and happiness. Establish your mind in the eternal unchanging nature of reality. 

I assure you the mala, and mantra are an easy and certain way to control the mind, direct it to the truth and experience peace. 

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