FULL MOON MEDITATION - August - Tuesday the 8th 7.30pm

ZEN SPACE, 225 Mount Glorious Road, Samford Valley

Full Moon Meditation Dates    2017  7.30 - 8.30pm

August - Tuesday 8th,   September - Wednesday 6th,   October - Friday 6th,   November - Saturday 4th,   December - Monday 4th


Meditation at the time of the full moon is said to confer the same benefits as a whole months worth of meditation! Such is the powerful energy that streams through the body, assisting in the release of energy blockages and resulting in a positive and natural flow of energy when properly directed. 

When we meditate at the Full Moon moon time we open to the powerful opportunity of receiving abundant clarity and fresh energy, thus assisting our spiritual path and a deeper experience of inner peace. True meditation offers a stillness which we can then carry throughout our life and bring balance and harmony into all we do.

The moon, as we know, connected with the waters is also influencing our bodies, emotions and feelings which are often out of balance due to stressful everyday life. Through meditation we harmonise and inwardly purify our mind, emotions and can consciously change our habits. It's a rewarding and powerful practice.



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