INTUITION Clarity Bracelet | Topaz, Iolite, Turquoise, Hekimer


Your Mala(s), pendants and rudraksha is worn as a sacred adornment that reflects your soul intention. For ideal benefits wear them every day and keep beside your bed at night. Wearing, you receive and imbibe more energy, which alters your vibration and attracts new positive thoughts and experiences. From three to four months you’ll notice these and other significant changes.

The Rudraksha pendant red thread is ideally replaced with a fine gold chain after the first year. Shivoham altar items and crystal statues should be kept near you or central in your home.

Used to deepen meditation with a mantra and support your spiritual path. We welcome your contact for help selecting the right malas or rudraksha.


6mm faceted Topaz, Turquoise, Iolite and Herkimer Quartz Diamond. 

This bracelet will stimulate the throat chakra such that one may consciously, succinctly and clearly verbalise that which is one desires to communicate. 

The energy of the topaz acts through the laws of attraction and manifestation. The gentle shade of this topaz serves as a catalytic trigger for the manifestation activities, while the vibratory resonance acts with an ethereal magnetic effect.

Turquoise strengthens and aligns all chakras, facilitating attunement between the physical level and the higher planes of existence. It's of high spirituality and can bring both valour and protection on the spiritual level, and from the etheric plane. It is also a stone of grounding; hence, one can remain grounded during spiritual "work".

The 'Violet Stone" Iolite its one of the major gemstones for use in the third-eye and crown chakras, it supports awakening of ones intuitive insight, helping one remove the illusions encountered in this world. 

Use to strengthen your auric field and bring light into your aura, balancing ones whole character with the world while enhancing the ability to experience joy in the moment. 

*Bracelet made to fit women's wrist 15.5cm, comfortably. For customisation please include your exact wrist size in the notes at checkout. 

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