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AMMA Protection of the Spiritual Earth

Garnet, Labradorite, Moonstone, Lavender Quartz, Amethyst, Rudraksha, Silver 

A very gentle yet subtlety powerful combination for those who champion causes for this earth. For those who want to feel and touch the sacred heart of the Divine Mother in all her grace and manifestation of abundant gifts. We feel her pain, we feel her calling and we are asked to gently walk, in grace and in harmony so our footsteps become our own sacred gift to her, to our earth and in doing so realise the sacred union with the One true giver of nourishment.

This mala calls you to action for our Earth Spirit, or if your already in the flow, to harmonise more deeply with her loving nature and remain above what you see others doing, this world needs your stability and your continued ability. Whether we make massive impacts or small steps in her favour it's all the same, may we just inspire those around us to walk in unison with the earth and not against her. Wearing this mala imbibes the galactic energies of faith in our work for this earth, mother and in the truth that we walk upon her grace. So let us give a little more. 

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