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The Mobile Altar

Maggie Eden | 05 July, 2023 | 1 Comment

            The Mobile Altar

The Mobile Altar:

Your On-The-Go Meditation Essentials


Travel at the best of times can be the most thrilling and unnerving of experiences. Travel is impermanent. It is in its essence CHANGE in all its various forms: environment, diet, culture, language. Change can be difficult: the unknown and uncontrollable loom large even when the best of plans and intentions are put forward. 

Change is however inevitable, transformative and breaks down the boundaries and routine of our normal day-to-day. Hence the common analogy to change being like a holiday. It (change/travel) forces us to think differently. It enables new experiences. It leaves lasting memories. It builds our character and value systems since we may be forced to re-examine all the things we overlook or take for granted when we're in our home environment, surrounded by creature comforts. It is adventure, it is freedom, it is completely and utterly exhilarating. It is also, sometimes, terrifying. There's an urgency and underlying current of rush and stress and emotion associated with whatever mode of transport is required to make your travel plans a reality. There's jet lag, junk food, loud noises, weird smells! There's occasionally turbulence, delays, lost luggage, missed connections, cranky/fright-inducing Immigration officials. Nothing can quite prepare us for change. Nothing can quite prepare us for exactly what lies in store for us on a long-awaited trip. However, its impression is always felt and this is where the magic happens if we can take the time to notice.

How we regulate our emotions and thought processes as we navigate a change in environment and routine looks different for everyone. And when all is said and done, the best we can do is be kind to ourselves and those around us and endeavour to let go of any expectations or pre-conceived idea of what 'should be' and simply allow 'what is'.

This is when having a grounding meditative and/or yoga practice can be extremely beneficial. This is also when a 'Mobile Altar' and travel journal might serve as our connection to a safe, familiar space and mental state, counteracting (but also enhancing) the differences we might encounter in our new environment.

Imagine yourself for a moment in a destination that excites you. Your journey there is complete, your check in formalities are behind you and you find yourself in your accommodation. There's a beautiful view and a fresh breeze coming through the window or balcony door. You're tired, but your nerves are still buzzing with the excitement and energy of your journey. You've made yourself a refreshing drink and now you find a comfy spot to sit and pause. From your velvet Shivoham pouch, you take your favourite Mala and put it around your neck. The cool, reassuring feeling of its crystals against your skin. You've laid out in front of you a clean piece of clothing or scarf. Onto it you unpack a journal, a pen, a Shiva Linga intricately constructed from clear quartz, a Rudraksha bracelet. You hit play on your favourite mantra or song that gently flickers a familiar vibration from your ears to your heart. You take a long, slow, cleansing breath and you arrive here now. You are home, you are calm, you acknowledge and let go of the journey that's been. You breathe a grateful breath for this sacred moment of arrival. And, finally offer up your intentions for what you hope lies ahead.

It's not much, it doesn't have to be. However, its benefit is immeasurable. This is the practice and this is just one of many examples. We would love to hear from you as to what makes up your 'Mobile Altar'? What are your favourite Shivoham pieces that you can not leave home without? Or perhaps now is the beginning of putting together your own special collection?

Safe and sacred journeys from our 'Mobile Altar' to Yours.




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02 August, 2023


My away from home malas are Grace Opal and Bhaskaria. My bracelets are Shiv Swaroopa and Light. Of course No. 1 Muhki is with me always.

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