Vedic Ring & Pendant Consultation

Shivjyoti Puri | 08 November, 2022

            Vedic Ring & Pendant Consultation

Shivoham' Jyotish ring or pendant  consultation

A Vedic Jyotish ring or pendantconsultation is regarded as the science of Light and based upon your exact birth time and constellations or ‘light patterns’ present when you entered this world, it’s the knowledge ‘written in the planets’ of the souls path and how the nine planets and their movements affect our individual destinies throughout life. These light rays are fixed in our life and don’t change based on circumstances or different situations. 

Vidya; knowledge and vision

An experienced jyotish astrologer with vidya; knowledge and vision, can identify the interplay of planetary positions at the time of birth (your personal constellation) and offers guidance to enhance the beneficial light rays for happiness and success throughout the course of our life. They can also offer remedies for the less favourable rays. 

Your Personal Prescription

Prescriptions traditionally involve pure gemstones which relate to the energy of the planets, helping to enhance your unique personal power and positive radiance, attracting better energy and opportunities. The right vedic gemstones are then worn throughout life in a particular placement, touching the skin to effect ones aura. Our pure gemstones, are ethically sourced and set in 18K Gold to ensure a high vibration energy which increases the pranic field around your body. 

An ancient science

This ancient science of Jyotish was honoured by Kings and Queens of ancient lands, they would consult their resident astrologer at important times and apply their guidance, ensuring the most favourable outcomes. It should be remembered that in past times were great prosperity, incredible architecture and wisdom beyond our current comprehension. 

Jyotish brings Clarity 

Jyotish astrology offers a great depth of understanding and brings us clarity to identify our potential strengths, divine talents, our personal nature and also, possible weaknesses. This knowledge is meant to benefit our lives by granting understanding of ourselves, which helps us seek the support for our unique role and purpose in life. 

Wise astrologers only pass on information which is beneficial and directs us positively, both spiritually and materially. It is not a‘forecast’, rather a fundamental support system by which we progress in our own life path, find our freedom and live for the good of all.

Consultations at Shivoham 

Shivoham is now blessed to work with Acharya Ji Rajan Sharma, and several renowned astrologers and gemologists. Each with generations of insight and embodied commitment to the ancient science of jyotish and spiritual wisdom. Our colleagues are esteemed individuals with saintly connections and are leaders in their field. 

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