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Shivoham at Paris Fashion Week

Shivjyoti Puri | 15 October, 2022

            Shivoham at Paris Fashion Week

Shivoham had the enormous privilege of an Invitation to showcase in Paris Fashion Week 2022 runway show for International 'Up and Coming Designers'!

The show, called 'One's to Watch' brought together 70 fashion and jewellery creators from around the world. Pulled together by an amazing team from New York called Flying Solo. 

It's truly amazing for me to create spiritual garlands with intention and blessing that are meaning more and more to people from all styles of life, to see them respected as everyday attire and their way of reminding people what life is about - inner fulfilment and spiritual union.

Wouldn't it make a difference if all wear and used our malas daily! That's the goal; sometimes unusual avenues take us there!

We had an amazing experience! The beautiful La Galeria Bourbon; old Palace of the Spanish royals was just a few doors from the Arc de Triomphe and the stunning location for the show. All major media a bevy of photographers and industry people from around the world were present and we were featured in many publications, met some wonderful people, got inspiration and left thankful for the experience. 

It was certainly a dynamic mix of personalities and creativity coming together, we all pulled off a remarkably inspiring event.

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