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The Three Keys to Spiritual Growth

Shivjyoti Puri | 07 July, 2022

            The Three Keys to Spiritual Growth

On the spiritual path there are three important keys to attain the ultimate goal; liberation, they are Sadhana, Seva and Satsang. Practicing these we are assured progress on the Spiritual Path;  

  1. Sadhana: ones personal daily practice of meditation and prayer or ritual . 
  2. Satsang: keeping the company of wise and truthful people who care about doing good and like to talk about meaningful things. 
  3. Seva: serving all with your gifts as a joy, not for recognition or reward. 

Employing these simple and effective keys we are carried forward on our life path to self-actualisation, effortlessly. There are no courses or amount of study that can bring us closer to divine truth as these can. They are essential, without them no progress is stable. 

Masters say that simplicity is the art of life, my observation of Saints is they don’t care to impress with knowledge or qualifications, yet most are full of love and I’ve discovered that’s all I need. From great Love comes meaningful action and then, we create a more fulfilling world for others. Start with the three keys. 

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