Sri Yantra

Shivjyoti Puri | 13 July, 2022

            Sri Yantra

The SRI YANTRA is the Divine Form of the GODDESS, Representing the Manifested Universe.

It’s a mathematically precise pyramid formed by interlaced triangles that channel the energy of the cosmos and thus contains the vibration which emanates creation, OM. It can be used by individuals to radically improve their life and speed up spiritual awakening. 

How Can I use the Sri Yantra?

Meditate on the form of Sri Yantra, until it becomes visible with eyes closed at the third eye (after repeated concentration on the actual form), to awaken inner wisdom and your own ability to create. 

Why should I have a Sri Yantra? 

The vibration of the three dimensional form of Sri Yantra placed in the home creates harmony and clears negativity, it opens a portal of ‘light’ which can used by the occupants to experience higher consciousness and leads to success in life. 

Where should I place a Sri Yantra?

The three dimensional Sri Yantra is a potent and powerful tool to keep close to you, on your altar, beside your bed or central in the home - where most activities take place. It enhances positive vibrations and helps unfold the God Power within the individuals around it. It is meant to assist individuals inner power and propel awaking, helping to understand the cosmic play of manifestation - keep it close so you see and reflect upon it often. 

Does Sri Yantra improve energy flow? 

All creation and our own expressions of creativity are inherently positive, when we enhance this flow, we harness our ability to create, thereby becoming one with cosmic power! Sri Yantra helps us flow in harmony with ‘all that is’.

How old is the Sri Yantra?

Used in many cultures through time, this form and similar pyramid structures have  been discovered everywhere, including underground. Often constructed to enhance the energy flow and life of those upon it. The most classic example in the famed spiritual city of Benares (Kashi), India where one is believed to get liberation by living there. Countless examples exist which elude the human mind! 

Is Sri Yantra good for everyone?

Within the form of Sri Yantra is the unlimited power of the Goddess, which many worship as Devi, the criss-crossed lines channel her and create a field of energy that moves life around it in a positive way. Regardless of your belief it’s an extremely powerful tool to keep in the home or workplace, it will awaken positivity and productive creativity, enhancing life in all areas!



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