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The Sacred Rudraksha

Shivjyoti Puri | 18 June, 2020

            The Sacred Rudraksha

The Rudraksha Seed

The Rudraksha Seed is found in every Shivoham Mala and is the foundation of our service. There is no other spiritual emblem as closely associated with the path of Yoga and the goal of enlightenment as the Rudraksha. Rudraksha is synonymous with Lord Shiva, the liberator who removes the negative influences from our life so we progress on the spiritual path and achieve union with our source. There is no single tree as rich with scriptural references, spiritual myths and legends as the rudraksha. 

Rudraksha is to Shaivites what the Solomon's seal is to Arabs and Jews - a prophylactic agent against evil spirits and enemies. Its amulets form a Kavacha - 'a cuirass, breastplate or body armor', and protect the wearer from ill luck, accidents and diseases.

When dried, the rudraksha beads vary in size, shape and faces ‘mukhi’s’, each factor determines the value and use of the bead. There are numerous accounts through tradition, in the Puranas and Upanishads of the powerful energy and potent ability to awake latent spiritual talents in the individual using them.

The Number of Faces

The number of faces, from one to twenty-one, is symbolic, for example the very rare one-faced bead ‘ek mukhi’ represents pure consciousness and is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva. It is rarely found and 'Chakravarti' kings or siddha purushas (realised souls in this birth or past) are said to possess it.

The two-faced rudraksha stands for Ardhanarishwara, meaning the unified form of Parvati and her consort Lord Shiva, it reflects the perfect union and according to Shiva Purana wearing this one ensures fulfilment of all desires. Like this each bead possesses a certain power of attainment. The six-faced bead is Kartikeya, it increases intelligence, gives steady mind and ensures amazing success in business. The seven-faced represents Goddess Lakshmi, who showers wealth when invoked. The ten-faced bead is associated with Vishnu, the sustainer and nourisher. The eleven-face is associated with Hanuman who bestows wisdom, right judgement, a powerful vocabulary and adventurous spirit for life and success.

More about the beads

The Rudrajabalopanishad tells us that Lord Shiva was in the state of meditation for many thousands of years. When he opened his eyes from his prolonged samadhi, he beheld the whole vast suffering of mankind and pangs of separation the unenlightened beings feel when enmeshed in their struggles and confusion, they, lacking in recognition of the way to evolve themselves out of these seemingly insurmountable difficulties, he shed tears of compassion and these fell to the earth giving rise to a tree called Rudraksha.

Besides all this, the seeds occupy a unique place in the Hindu Materia Medica. They are said to possess supernatural ingredients which can prevent ageing, prolong life and rejuvenate the human organism. The beads are antipyretic, antihelminthic and antiparalysant, and can help a person attain a perfect balance between the vital fluxes in the body.

Mantras for each Rudraksha

Number of Faces


Ek-mukhi (1-faced)

Om Hreem Namaha

Do-mukhi (2-faced)

Om Namaha

Teen-mukhi (3-faced)

Om Kleem Namaha

Char-mukhi (4-faced)

Om Hreem Namaha

Panch-mukhi (5-faced)

Om Hreem Namaha

Chhai-mukhi (6-faced)

Om Hreem Hung Namaha

Sat-mukhi (7-faced)

Om Hung Namaha

Ashta-mukhi (8-faced)

Om Hung Namaha

Nau-mukhi (9-faced)

Om Hreem Hung Namaha

Das-mukhi (10-faced)

Om Hreem Namaha

Gyarah-mukhi (11-faced)

Om Hreem Hung Namaha

Barah-mukhi (12-faced)

Om Krom Shrom Rom Namaha

Terah-mukhi (13-faced)

Om Hreem Namaha

Chaudah-mukhi (14-faced)

Om Namaha

Pandrah-mukhi (15-faced)

No mantra

Solah-mukhi (16-faced)

Om Gaurishankaraya Namaha

Satara-mukhi (17-faced)

Sarva mangala mangalye, Shive sarvartha sadhike. Sharanye Triyambake Gauri, Narayani namo stute

Athara to ekeis-mukhi

(18 to 21-faced)

No mantra


Related Planets

Number of Faces


1 or 12












7 or 14





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