Building a Bridge & the Opening of Shivoham Yoga and Gallery

Shivjyoti Puri | 31 December, 2017

            Building a Bridge & the Opening of Shivoham Yoga and Gallery

Building a Bridge

and the Opening of Shivoham Yoga and Gallery

I have always sought the bridge of understanding between our world as we live now, our society and communities with the wisdom of the east and it’s meaning, essence and spirituality. I discovered through great pain early in life that I was devoid of the very essence that made sense of everything including myself. 

Years later, almost two decades and countless trips to India, Nepal and Europe for lengthy Yoga study, work for an International Not-for-profit organisation and dedicated discipline under my master I can understand that’s not the path everyone would want to take, nor may it be possible. And to be quite honest, I would hardly recommend it. Yet what I’ve learnt has been so valuable to me and to those with whom I’ve shared, that it’s a clear testimony to it’s power and also a natural progression not to keep to myself. Whatever is beneficial and meant to be has a power and energy of it’s own, there’s a natural flow to these things and to share is a richness for which I’m yet to find any comparison.

Shivoham Yoga and gallery has evolved from a deep intention to offer what’s been so helpful in my own life, more than anything, and to build a bridge to self-understanding for others, sharing the authentic Yoga teachings as far as I’ve learnt and practiced, that have effected significant and lasting positive change on my life and the awakening of inner dimensions that before I hardly knew existed. 

All that’s required of anyone is a willingness and commitment to practice, a desire to change, to grow, to evolve and all we need is the bridge. It is my firm belief that Yogic science and spirituality must prove it’s value in helping us now, more than ever rather than negating it through adaption to our modern times.

May we all practice, grow, learn and become aware of our individual purpose ‘dharma’, discover the inner confidence to pursue it, and as a result find personal fulfilment. 

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