Mantra Meditation | Recording

This is a guided meditation with Shivjyoti runs for 20 minutes. 

Mantra recitation has been an essential aspect of Yoga practice since Vedic times. It consists of repeating a mantra passed on from a teacher like Om So Ham (I Am, That I Am).

This recording compliments the meditation taught in the 'Self-Awareness' course. 

Using the mantra and moving the beads through the fingers encourages the mind to gradually focus itself into the practice, reducing the incessant thoughts we face daily.

With time the mind merges in the mantra and you experience your true self. The meaning of the mantra is realised when you become one with it and lasting transcendence is achieved.

The experience of merging oneself with all that is represents the true meaning of Yoga, and the one path all Masters agree their students should undertake. 

Take your Rudraksha mala and begin with one round per day, that is 108 repetitions of the Mantra Om So Ham. You can increase this to three times a day and then morning and evening. Gradually you will do 5 mala's morning and evening. 

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