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Self-Awareness Meditation Course

Courses at: Shivoham83 Ludstone Street, Hampton, Melbourne. 03 9598 1809 

Runs for 5 weeks, Tuesdays 7.30 - 8.30pm |  Starts: Feb 19th 2019. Enjoy one Full & one New moon meditation complimentary while the course runs. 

Meditation is your doorway through inner wisdom, understanding and peace, leaving you recharged and revitalised. Through various techniques you will be guided into a suitable practice that you can use for daily practice, life long.

You will learn techniques which easily and effectively alleviate stress and tension, you will discover energy cleansing techniques and dietry reccomendations to support your meditation and ensure it's effortless and enjoyable. The outcome of the course is most certanly a better quality of life. 

The course is guided and developed by Shivjyoti from her direct training. Under the guidance of an enlightened Master who encouraged her to pass on the teachings.
With a regular, daily practice of Meditation you will experience the Divine Self within.
In the beginning weeks we often sit for two shorter meditation sessions, you will be given ample ways to sit comfortably and also enjoy relaxation, gentle stretches and some theory. As the course goes on we develop into longer periods of sitting and you will find that with ease meditation develops. 
Correct meditation allows you complete physical and mental relaxation giving you time to direct your life and purpose.
This practice of self-awareness is passed on by those initiated and with extensive practical experience. 
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