Yoga: Now a common prescription offered by Doctors, trend to continue 

Yoga: Now a common prescription offered by Doctors, trend to continue 

Dr Richard Usatine, a medical educator from Florida, USA is saying, “Yoga can be as important as any medication. This is a lifestyle change. This is the way to improve the quality of your life.”

Californian psychotherapist Jack Obedzinski, MD has said “Traditional doctors are taking notice of yoga’s benefits and finding it a valuable complement to the work they’re already doing, and in most cases more effective than therapy”.

So why are medical professionals now taking notice of yoga and its myriad benefits?

It could be that Yoga has become a completely acceptable practice, as it moves away from austere disciple it’s becoming increasingly accessible, and proves a valuable tool to effectively manage modern maladies, the science world has no other option but to study Yoga, learn more about its benefits and incorporate it into their programs.

Experts say the link between modern medicine and yoga is strengthening and will continue to in the coming years. With research and we are unearthing the profound power of the practice, and thus more and more medical professionals feel confident they can justifiably recommend it.


What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga’s benefits fill a seemingly endless list – and science discovers more every day. Here are some of the top reasons to adopt a yoga practice:


Boost mood

Relieve anxiety and depression

Gain greater self-awareness and confidence

Improve flexibility, strength and posture

Strengthen spine and bone health

Enhance blood flow


The list really goes on and on, try for yourself to find out more.

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