Can Meditation Really Slow Aging? The Latest Science says Yes

Shivjyoti Puri | 07 February, 2017

            Can Meditation Really Slow Aging? The Latest Science says Yes

Meet a Nobel Prize winner who believes so.

Biochemist and Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn has embarked upon a modern research project with a team of scientists to prove that meditation can slow ageing and lengthen lifespan. 

It was discovered the role of stress and environmental toxins play a significant role in the ageing process and effect our mental state considerably. It was for her research in the process of ageing that she won the Nobel Prize in medicine. Many years later her research has taken on new turns, how to combat the ageing process. At the top of the list is meditation, as it prevents stress in the body leading to our deterioration.

And from as simple as 10 minutes a day, who wouldn't want to get on the band wagon and learn to meditate. 

One of the most simple ways, it was noted is to sit quietly and focus the mind on a particular object, light or as ancient techniques have described, the use of a mantra. Using a mantra to meditate is by far the easiest method to steady, calm and focus the mind, and make use of this ten minutes every day to overcome the effects of stress, short temper, anxiety and poor sleep patterns. 

The ancient methods of Yogis and seers make sense! and can provide answers to our most common problems.  

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