What is Rudraksha

Shivjyoti Puri | 19 January, 2017

            What is Rudraksha

Rudraksha is a seed of consciousness
The Rudraksha seed is a blessing to keep and wear because of it’s powerful vibration which protects against all kinds of negative influences and energy. It also protects against environmental factors and the stress emitted from modern technology by creating a shield around the wearer.
It keeps the bodies bioenergy in balance and harmonises the environment around oneself or in the place the seeds are kept. It has been revealed to effect up to 100 metres around, protecting the wearer and environment from all kinds of negative energy. This radiance of protective energy is particularly felt at home or where you mostly keep the Rudraksha.
You will notice a sense of peace and after some time, less disturbances within your environment, this is extremely beneficial for meditation, study and areas needing great focus or concentration. Ideally Rudraksha is worn at all times or kept close to the skin, it is a sacred seed that emits a potent protective energy, enabling the wearer to achieve their greater potential. 
Rudraksha is used for meditation and is the only seed which absorbs all positive energy, storing and thus magnifying it over time. We use the Rudraksha in the right hand, and repeat one mantra per bead, implanting in the seed the vibration of liberation which is then kept with us (through the beads) at all times regardless of where our thoughts may dwell.
The longer it’s worn and used for meditation (to repeat mantra) the more powerful it becomes, constantly emitting a positive and pure vibration that settles the energy of any different environment and neutralising the thoughts of others. After some time one feels that something is missing when not worn.
To harmonise the energy within oneself, and protect against the changeable nature of the world and universe Yogis have always encouraged the use and wearing of Rudraksha to ensure balance.
Generally the different planetary constellations have an effect on the emotions of each individual. It is not unusual for doctors to say the full moon nights are an extremely busy time in emergency and they dread a full moon on a weekend or holiday because so many patients are brought in. For a spiritual person this can work in their favour if managed in the right direction, offering greater possibilities for spiritual evolution and transformation.
There are several subtle yet powerful influences that have power over our lives and we may or may not be aware of them, to safeguard against loosing self control and awareness the Rudraksha is a powerful companion.

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