Sacred and Healing Gemstones - Blossoms of Earths Kingdom - Mala Beads

Shivjyoti Puri | 21 January, 2017

            Sacred and Healing Gemstones - Blossoms of Earths Kingdom - Mala Beads

To recognise the beauty and loving energies of the earth greatly enhances one's spiritual connection and growth. Shivoham healing gemstones and Rudraksha malas have been made into combinations forming myriad energy patterns that help seal and protect your aura.  When you protect your energy and give strength to any inner weaknesses through using the right crystals you allow your soul light to shine and inhibitions will vanish, this allows your true expression to shine in the world.

Crystals have been revered for their mystical and healing properties since the dawn of civilisation and their energy is universal, when we choose to connect with or use crystals for healing we can will immediately feel the benefit.

The crystals and Rudraksha seeds have been used since ages as catalysts and to assist one in feeling connection with the source; the primordial universal energy, and thus ensuring a sense of security and wellbeing from deep within. In using crystal gemstone malas combined with Rudraksha we are being reminded energetically and supported by the vibrations to re-unite with the source.  Indeed it is a blessing to wear a mala. 

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