Caring for my Mala

Shivjyoti Puri | 27 September, 2021

            Caring for my Mala

Receiving your Shivoham Mala is a blessing and all you really need is wear it with love. There is a small ritual and guidance included which you may like to do, in any case your energy will permeate the Mala and its energy will permeate you, essentially you become one with your Mala, which is why selecting the right one is important. 

Its important to wear it for at least 3-4 months every day after receiving it and you’ll recognise the change in your thoughts and feelings, after this period you can wear it as frequently as you like, we do recommend wearing a mala all the time for protection and an energy shield, yes you can have a few that you wear together or alternate. 

If someone touches your mala or if you leave it somewhere that doesn’t reflect your energy, you can hold it to your heart and repeat the Mahamritunajya Mantra (on the card enclosed with each parcel) to re-energise it. At night or while bathing leave it in a special place, ideally somewhere near you.  

Shivoham Malas reach you after blessing ceremonies that charge and activate the already intuitively designed, sacred beads so the best way to connect is wear it straight away. The time it reaches you is the perfect time. Some like to start under the full moon and follow the simple ritual enclosed, others take it to their heart and receive its divine energy. 

Your mala is a reflection of you, as you work through your journey and purification you’ll continually charge your mala and its energy will also help you heal and fulfil your dharma (purpose). When you want to wear two or three malas we’re happy to offer guidance with respect to the most conducive energy combinations for your path. People often tuck one under clothing or wear a few at different lengths, they are a powerful energy adornment and create a wonderful aura. 

In each mala pouch there are two recommend mantras for you to select from and repeat daily. One is gentle and unifying while the other is a powerful release from all that holds you back on your spiritual path. Start with the ‘So Ham’ mantra until you release yourself from fear. These mantras are passed through our lineage and activated for use.

The more reverence you feel the more you experience positive energy. Hold onto your mala regularly and set clear intentions for your life and spiritual development. 

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