SHIV SWAROOPA True Nature | Healing Tourmaline

AAA Grade Faceted Tourmaline and Sterling Silver bead. 

Tourmaline is a Shaman's crystal and brings healing powers to the wearer, it greatly enhances protection during healing work and helps one rise above the 'illusion' of the world. This mala promotes permanent realisation of one being part of the universal self, beyond name and form while being ‘in the world’, thus granting freedom.

Black Tourmaline further protects against being in a victimised role or from the negative energies of others, excellent against toxic radiation, it will instead increase physical vitality, emotional stability and intellectual activity to the wearer.

Sterling Silver is an activator and stimulator of the life current and enhances the healing power of tourmaline and the energy flow within you. 

*Please include your wrist size / gender in the notes section for customisations; our standard women's will fit 15.5cm wrist and mens 17.5-18cm wrist.