CHINMAYA Transcendent Joy | Pink Opal Mala

6mm or 8mm Pink Opal with Rudraksha, 925 Sterling Silver with 18k Rose Gold polish.

Wear to amplify positive traits and characteristics, overcoming lesser attributes. Helps one align with and enhance the creative forces of transcendent joy and awakening on the spiritual path. Lifting one above the trials of life while accepting them for what they present. Pink Opal and Rudraksha allow one to expand in the joy of this human existence while recognising that one's soul is above it all! Pure spiritual bliss. 

Known as the gem of 'happy dreams and change' pink opal helps one's spontaneous action in a clean, true and positive direction. It helps one release inhibitions and install faithfulness with regards to aspirations. 

Used to awaken psychic and mystic qualities it helps the understanding of higher knowledge, intuitive insights and the realm of sacred awakening. Renewing all that nourishes ones development and helping to release old patterns, this Mala provides energy for spiritual awakening and self-actualisation. It is Divine.