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NEW MOON Meditation



Shivoham; 83 Ludstone St, Hampton, Melbourne in 2018

Friday 16th February 7pm
Tuesday 17th April 8pm
Tuesday 15th May 8pm
Friday 15th June 7pm

Energetically the new moon time offers a positive shift in perspective and direction, using this energy and in meditation we create new resolves, strengthen existing ones and tune into our true self so we make decisions for our highest good.

The New Moon offers great spiritual significance for supporting a shift in perspective and propelling growth in the direction of our purpose . The energy at this time influences our emotions and can help reveal where our strengths and weaknesses dictate our decisions and how, through Meditation we see where to correct our thoughts and make the changes allowing us to move forward.

What we learn from the Upanishads is that our future is the result of our present thoughts, our present the result of past thoughts and it is this moment that controls everything. Make the most of it. 


Bring your journal and a cushion. 

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