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NEW MOON Meditation

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Held Monthly at 83 Ludstone St, HAMPTON, Melbourne

Friday 9th November 7.30 pm
Friday 7th December 7.30 pm


The energy of the new moon offers the chance to make positive shifts in perspective and follow your highest calling.

Being one with the flow of nature and understanding the effects of changing cycles can help us access the energy available to shift our consciousness in a positive direction. Historically, the new moon has been an auspicious time to support spiritual awakening and meditation at this time can be a powerful catalyst to move through what may otherwise be very hard to release.

Our emotions are effected by the changes in atmosphere as the moon moves. The New Moon is rich with an opportunity of looking within, where our strengths and weaknesses are revealed and how they have influenced our decisions. With this we can re-direct our thoughts and go about positive life changes. 

In the Upanishads it's written Our future is the result of our present thoughts, our present the result of past thoughts and it is this moment that indicates everything

Meditation at the New Moon time is your opportunity to strengthen resolves, get clear, and consciously release the past. Paving the way forward. 


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