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LIGHTWORKERS Mala | with 10 mukhi VISHNU Rudraksha

10 Mukhi Rudraksha symbolising Vishnu, Rainbow Moonstone, Apricot Moonstone, Herkimer Diamond and Gold Quartz

The 10 Mukhi Rudraksha ensures the wearer is protected from all and any negative forces so they achieve great acknowledgement for their creation and ability to bring light to others. 

Gold Quartz is an incredible crystal that brings the energy within the body to the level the Sahasrara (crown ) chakra thus ensuring inner talents expand out for benefit of all and for your own destiny, awakening. It is a Mala for lightworkers. 

Herkimer Diamond is known for its ability to radiate and intensify intention and thoughts, making it an integral part of the mala to manifest your creative pursuits and benefit to the world. This mala represents action and harmony, creation and balance of the highest order. 

Moonstone is a crystal that imbues grace and a refreshing, cleansing energy, it supports acknowledgement that endings are always new beginnings, the flow of change is grace and allows for awakening into new heights. 

We are all here to evolve and grow, a lightworker leads the way and shows others the clear path they may walk to find connection, faith and truth. 

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