KUAN YIN The White Light Activation & Compassion Mala

54 Highest quality rare Herkimer Diamonds from Russia, 7 Pearls, 7 White Jade, Himalayan diamond cut clear Quartz, Sterling Silver, 7 Rainbow Moonstone either side of Guru bead. 

Kuan Yin is a Mother for all and Goddess of compassion, her energy is embodied in this mala to offer you her love and mercy. You'll feel guided to express you own inner beauty and wisdom, leading you to a place of self acceptance, inner peace and freedom.

The energy here is supportive in experiencing love, nurturing and worthiness, possibly something you missed in totality during childhood. You'll find yourself subtly empowered to transmute this 'new' feeling and vibration into a powerful love for the whole world.

This mala asks you release such pain as; 'I don't deserve love', 'true love doesn't exist', 'all love is selfish', releasing these and any judgements around your willingness to receive God’s gifts and your divine destiny. Your beliefs may be unconsciously based on what others couldn't give you, not on what you are able to give and now receive anew. 

This is a mala of "new beginnings", any pain you have experienced is gently called forth to be extinguished, allowing pure light and loving compassion to take its place, for yourself and others. Allow new radiant energy to flood your heart and soul. 

Providing a clear vehicle for advanced purity, wisdom and spiritual guidance; the crystal combination and pearls are revered as stones of sincerity, bringing truth to all situations. Reflective, calming and 'enlightening' this mala flows with the nectar of love, life and wisdom. For those who are called to be whole and to be LOVE and to give.

Giving you are blessed. By becoming what you seek, you are Free. 


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