High Priestess Mala

She knows who she is and that she is here to walk a unique path, of her own accord, in her own way and by doing so she will be successful. 

Opening the Sacred dimension within you that trusts your higher work, light work and supports you in acting as a clear channel, pulled by the invisible force to help, heal and serve the world. It is what you are born for and you must trust in yourself above all else, because only you know the way.  

A catalyst for your own and others awakening, all is within and you now see gain and actualisation of the truth in your soul, calling you to walk through life as the high priestess.

Lavender Quartz
Clairsentience - Clairaudience - Clairvoyance
With all the same properties as rose quartz this special crystal also facilitates the third eye awareness and intuition promoting clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance. It helps with intellectual and direct responses to situations requiring mastery and is a true asset to have this crystal which integrates all aspects of ones personality.

Activator of the Heart - Cleanser of the Heart - Balanced LOVE
Morganite stimulates creativity so one acts from Love and energises loving thoughts bringing forth patience and reverence. This crystal stimulates gain in ones life, in areas that help develop the soul and align teh personality with higher purpose. This is an activator, cleanser and stimulator for the heart chakra. It helps bring love into ones life and and assists one in maintaining it as it grows.

Loving Communication - Infinite Love - Powerful Peace
Stimulating for the heart chakra and aligning the heart, throat and third eye chakras to produce clear insightful words and vision. This crystal synthesises the energies within to produce loving communication. Wearing Kunzite penetrates a feeling of self-love and powerful peace deeply though the wearer to the inner core of ones being. It connected one to the infinite source of Love which provides purification on all levels.

Clear Quartz
Harmony - Meditation - Protection - Purity - Health - Infinite Possibilities
The powerful crystal of infinite possibilities offering whatever you need from it. Clear Quartz it really about removing inhibitions so you can live the life you wish and dream of. Use the power of visualisation while wearing crystal quartz to imprint within it the goals you have set yourself and see how they begin to manifest. Clear quartz is truly a remarkable and extremely helpful crystal, and that's why it's included in almost every mala we make. Remember - all is possible if you believe it.

Empowerment - Protection - Ideas - Talents
Obsidian reminds you of the magnificent talents you have hidden within you, to date you may have kept them hidden, almost nurturing and protecting them. The fertile landscape within has kept then incubated till now, as it dawns the time for their release into the world you are asked to remember how much love you've put into empowering yourself to share and will now seek the practical means to give your inspirations, ideas and talents as your spiritual gift into the world, it's time to shine your light.


Connected to Source energy and pure consciousness, this seed stores all the positive vibrations of your spiritual work and is an immense blessing to own and wear. It protects from negative vibrations both seen and unseen and hearls a time of spiritual advancement. 

Om Namaha Shivaya 

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