Ganesh Rudraksha | Removing Obstacles

Exclusive Rare Ganesha Rudraksha 

Exclusive, Rare and Precious pendant on adjustable red thread.

Sourced from Nepal, original Himalayan Rudraksha

Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles and this powerful Rudraksha embodies Ganesha's energy and qualities to the wearer. Best worn against the heart on a gold chain this rare piece imparts advances in growth, lifestyle and dreams. Experience yourself free of limiting beliefs and flow in harmony with the world around you towards your goals.

The unique pattern of this Rudraksha has the form of a trunk, indicating the presence of the elephant headed God Ganesh, the foremost of Gods who blesses those connected with him 'Riddhi-Siddhi' the abundance of wealth, wisdom and power. 

This Rudraksha brings success in all undertakings help one overcome opponents; the minds or intentions of his adversaries are changed.

Chant Om Gam Ganapati Namaha as you put it on each day.

The red thread denotes Shakti and activates the energy of Rudraksha. You may replace this with a pure Gold chain, or new red thread when required. 

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