DEVYANI ‘Goddess’ Quartz Herkimer 'Light' Bracelet

Clear Himalayan AAA grade quartz and Russian Herkimer Diamond.

Awaken your greatest potential.

Created to harmonise and align our energies, balance our thoughts with emotion and awaken consciousness to unite with the universal energy, this bracelet has an inherent ability to transmit and receive life force, amplify light and help focus it intently. Recommended for souls on the awakening spiritual path.

Herkimer Diamond along with Quartz is a boon for manifesting pure light through oneself and is a spiritual tool for transforming negativity into positivity. This bracelet releases a vibrant and potent positivity for progress on ones chosen path throughout life. 

* Please include your wrist size at checkout for customisation, standard women’s is made to fit 15.5cm wrist. 

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