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APSARA Heavenly Angela Mala

6mmAmethyst, Rudraksha, Sterling Silver, Silk 

Blessed In Haridwar, Land of the Gods, India.

Amethyst Butterfly Mala is one of spirituality and inner contentment, it supports awakening and helps lower energies transform into higher vibrations, facilitating complete transformation. It balances the energies so that a clear connection between the earth and other worlds is felt and one finds peace. 

Amethyst assists meditation as it conducts the energy of calm and peace. Amethyst has also been used to protect against psychic attack and brings to heart the energies of calm composure which allows you to manage responsibilities with fairness and flexibility. It is also said to help business affairs prosper. Having a regal connection it supports you in dreaming of greater destinies for you and other. 

A mala of aligning earth energies with spiritual energies this mala assists all those who seek balance and is particularly beneficial for energy healers and those bringing in spiritual messages to assist the awakening of individuals (clients) on earth.   

Fine 6mm Amethyst crystals with Rudraksha and Silk tassel. The cresent Moon is our Shivoham logo and represents Shiva as the master of time - time for everything - time for awakening - and time to fulfil your purpose.