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Rudraksha 11 Mukhi | Virtue, Safety & Strength | HANUMAN

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Exclusive, Rare and Precious pendant on adjustable red thread.

Sourced from Nepal, original Himalayan Rudraksha.

11 Mukhi is regarded as the light body of Lord Shiva. It is connected with the 11th Rudra, or form of Shiva which is Hanuman. This Rudraksha gives fearlessness so one may cross any obstacle and overcome any difficulty. It is the most effective Rudraksha against negative spirits and ensures one becomes virtuous, healthy and wise.

Considered to be fortunate, the wearer of this Rudraksha gains clarity, power of words, adventure in life, wisdom and success. It also enhances yoga and meditation practices by removing the problems occurring in practice and grants self-control, thus removing addictions.  

It is recommended for those who feel the effects of curse, evil, ghosts or negative people and makes them run! Instantaneously one gains beneficial energy by wearing this Rudraksha and one feels extremely strong.

The red thread denotes Shakti and activates the energy of Rudraksha. You may replace this with a pure Gold chain, or new red thread when required.