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1 Mukhi Rudraksha 18ct Gold OM case

Exclusive, Rare and Precious from Nepal, Himalayas. Each piece is hand made for you and will take between 2-6 weeks for delivery. 

A lifetime piece that is highly treasured.  

Revered as Lord Shiva himself, this Rudraksha blesses one with the attainment of self-actualisaton.It brings the power of focus and natural inclination towards leading a Divine life. One's mind is naturally tuned into the Divine at all times. Peace and Happiness reside in the house where one who wears the 1 mukhi resides and the worship of this bead (the reverence directed towards it) ensures nothing binds the wearer and he/she experiences ultimate freedom.

The Rudraksha Guru Bead Ek Mukhi on this mala is considered the most powerful and auspicious gift of nature. It is the rarest of the Rudraksha seeds and is widely revered as the symbol of Shiva or pure consciousness. It is believed to free one from all kind of blockages and and even from the cycle of re-birth. It is also seen as the symbolic link of earth and Divine and leads one to experience pure consciousness or enlightened states while living. It's used to grant wishes, give material and spiritual success and achievements without attachment to them.    

Chain Not Included. Item is made to order and will take up to 8 weeks for delivery. 

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