Why wear Rudraksha

Everything you are destined to be is already hidden within you, everything you long for, every achievement you dream of and every wish you've ever repeated to yourself are what you already are - so what's they need for anything, right, we just need to acknowledge it - and we're done! 


Well.... we all feel at some point that we need a little help, a little nudge in the right direction (almost daily) and it's for this reason we seek something to help remind us of our eternal quest - to find out who we truly are, and live our purpose in life. It is hard to remain connected to purpose when so many obligations, frustrations and commitments fill each and every moment. We have so many tools and skills that help us operate in the outer world, but do we really spend enough on reminding ourselves to journey inward, and take care of this temple and soul we've been blessed to carry. In building a new home for example this might take the form of factoring an extra room just for meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices - a sacred space. In going on a holiday it might mean visiting some places of significance to elders and wise ones, however amidst our daily life, when we need it most we often neglect to carry a reminder of what we are 'really' here to achieve, that knowledge of self.


In India gracing the dashboard of almost every car you'll see the form a some deity, often Ganesha or Lakshmi, walking into almost any shop look up and you'll see some sort of lucky charm and in each home there is always something significant like Shri Yantra to bring positive energy and repeal the bad. Guests are mostly asked to remove their footwear as a sign of respect and sanctity, in other words their requested to leave behind whatever has stuck to your shoes - energetically as much as physically. All these things are actually a humble request to always remain present - and not to take whats past for granted or what's coming as assumed, it's a constant request for help, guidance and support. Each moment is an opportunity and these simple reminders help to keep that in context. 


Considering all of this it's even more significant to wear something as a daily and moment to moment reminder of the truth we are striving to become (albeit innerly), and what we are really here to know 'who am I'. In the chaos of our day this is the point we forget time and time again, and yet it's the whole purpose we are here, on this planet. And on some level we know it.

A Mala is not only a reminder, it's a sanctified and charged vehicle of higher consciousness. It's not until you wear one you can truly appreciate how sacred it is and how much it does help to keep the mind connected with truth.