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Swami Shivjyoti is an amazing teacher.

My co-worker asked me recently “What makes a good yoga teacher” and Swami Shivjyoti came to mind immediately, she is terrific and hands down my favourite teacher. Swami Shivjyoti is technically excellent, understands each and every pose, the anatomy and how the body is connected to the mind and spirit. Experienced, Shivjyoti shares her knowledge freely with patience and kindness. 

It is not all about yoga poses and I have learned about this philosophy of yoga through her classes and also how to take the practice off the mat and into my daily life.

Thank you Swami Shivjyoti for your lessons and commitment to all your students, you are terrific.


Connection, balance and service to others are Shivjyoti's forte and passion..!

Shivjyoti's extensive experience in understanding the philosophical, energetic and physical elements of yoga are carefully woven into each class, to deliver a truly authentic and personalised practice. 

Integral to her success as a much loved and respected teacher is a genuine commitment to the well-being of all her students. With creatively sequenced asanas to emphasise alignment and energy flow, use of the breath to synchronise body and mind, and practical tips for daily life; her integrated approach mindfully guides me back to balance, connectedness and harmony.


DAN TURNER, musician 

 I truly look forward to each class with Shivjyoti. 

Her knowledge and experience of the holistic effect on the mind, body and spirit is wonderful. 

When she shares this with us during class helps me to understand my body and soul more. 

She has a beautiful gentle, calming energy about her and is clearly interested and aware of everyone in the classes. 

I easily recommend Shivjyoti's classes and many friends have benefited from her classes, more than she will ever know.


Susan jabore, qantas

Like so many, I have struggled with mediation. Under Shivjyoti's guidance I have been able to commit to a daily practice, reaping huge benefits, the biggest being inner peace; pure bliss for someone like me who could not switch off my brain during the day.

 Shivjyoti is the real deal, her presence and knowledge are unparalleled and each course night has been a blissful experience, I loved every minute. You will never regret attending her classes. I promise!


Shivjyoti shares a deep understanding, knowledge and practice of meditation. Adapting both ancient rituals with modern day living. I have loved the course and I will also do more classes in meditation and yoga with Shivjyoti as I am completely inspired.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, insights and energy. You have created a magical space to meditate especially with your incredible awareness and presence.

LYNDALl m, aurora

I have studied many meditation techniques but the Self Awareness Meditation with Shivjyoti would be my favourite. 

I love the knowledge Shivjyoti shares of ancient rituals along with ways to use them in our lives now. 

I feel more connected and look forward to meditating everyday.

Margie fry, celebrant

Some people are born to be teachers. Shivjyoti is one of those people, a natural insightful teacher. Explaining the benefits of the practices for body, mind and life. 

I do believe one of the best yoga teachers in Brisbane. 


Shivjyoti is a born teacher who is passionate about sharing her wonderful knowledge, her classes are uniquely different each week and her guidance has given me insight into the meaning and joy of yoga which has helped me establish a regular daily practice. I would recommend Shivjyoti's to anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of yoga

CHRIS wilkinson

Shivjyoti is far more than a yoga teacher. If you are searching for more than a general yoga classes and look to be connected deeper to your spiritual self. Then Shivoham is for you. Thank you Shivjyoti. As well as this, Shivjyoti is a true Mala intuitive.

jodie baker