Self Awareness MEDITATION Course

Runs for 6 Weeks 

with Shivjyoti 

from Tuesday 13th March 8 - 9pm 

Bookings: $120 

Correct meditation allows you complete physical and mental relaxation, it is a doorway to uncovering vast amount of knowledge and wisdom within and to fully understand yourself and others, it's helpful for overcoming inhibitions and complexes, offering greater confidence in return.

During the Beginners courses of Meditation you'll gain practical guidance on how to establish and enhance your daily practice, ensuring your efforts are meaningful and beneficial.

You will learn how to concentrate deeply, withdrawing the senses and to focus within with ease, Shivjyoti has over a decade experience guiding all levels of meditation. This course will be a step-by-step practice with breathing exercises, mantra, visualisation and imagination, these specific techniques help you create an easy and straightforward process to meditation that you will utilise life-long. 


With a regular, daily practice of Meditation you will experience the Divine Self within. 


Class begins with relaxation and deep breathing, we then move through some gentle postures to loosen the body and prepare for meditation. In the beginning weeks we often sit for two shorter periods of meditation and develop a longer practice throughout the course. Philosophy is an integral part, and some will be included each week.