6 Mukhi Rudraksha | Represents Kartikeya Power & Success

Exclusive, Rare and Precious pendant on adjustable red thread.

Sourced from Nepal, original Himalayan Rudraksha.

Learning, wisdom and knowledge are believed to be imparted to the wearer of this Rudraksha along with the Power of Kartikeya, son of Shiva and Shakti. He was a warrior who identified and defeated anyone betraying their position or misusing others, he rectified peace on earth and was awarded the highest status.

This Rudraksha gives the ability to see to clearly understand the intention of others  and surround yourself with those who support you. The six mukhi Rudraksha is especially for those working in corporate or challenging positions, often faced with challenges to their authority and direction requiring great power and foresight to overcome.

Also recommended for journalists, editors, business people.

Six Mukhi gives great energy and power. 

The red thread denotes Shakti and activates the energy of Rudraksha. You may replace this with a pure Gold chain, or new red thread when required. 

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