MEERA BAI Divine Love Mala Bracelet

Morganite, pure Herkimer and Sterling Silver Coated Rudraksa.

Morganite is an activator, cleanser and stimulator for the energy of the Heart. 

It helps bring and maintain love in ones life. It brings actualisation of gain into ones life and cultivates the spirit of alignment with oneself spiritually and emotionally. It's also said to transmit ancient wisdom of the earth and ones guides to further the accountability for ones reality. 

It helps the wearer open the door to vital energy currents which activate and energise loving thoughts, bringing forth patience and reverence for all life. A fantastic crystal for interpersonal skills supporting one to listen and speak with the heart. 

It's also known as the crystal that 'tells stories' helping the wearer access ancient wisdom that is relevant to the day and implement aspects of this with love to heal the earth. 

An admired and beautiful piece to wear.  

*Send your wrist size after ordering, or we make to medium women’s 15.5cm wrist 🙏


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